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artist credits

Music composition - Ray Soul @soulraymusic

Lyrics - Jair Oliveira @jairoliveira

Piano - Art Hirahara @arthirahara

String arrangement - Matthew Nicholl @matthew.nicholl.33

Cello - Naseem Alatrash @naseemalatrash.cellist

Violin - Bengisu Gokce @bengisugokce1

Vocal - Ebinho Cardoso @ebinhocardosomusic

Mixing and mastering engineer - David Feldman

Essays - Ray Soul @soulraymusic

Portuguese transition - Ines Lopes Bridges

Web design - Ray Soul


Jun Choi @goyu

E Reum @e.reum

Please inquire about credit information for each photo on this website.

Ray's note:

I would like to thank all musicians and artists who have dedicated their time and efforts to this project.

I especially want to express my gratitude for my family:

Olivia-Green Soul

Hayley Noh

Jong Taek Soul

Jin Sook Choi 

Ji Won Soul

Su Ja Kim

Chul Jun Noh

You can download seu aprendiz artistic materials for your reference.


Email if you want to download high resolution photos or 88.2K, 24 bit high definition audio track. Seu Aprendiz is available on major streaming sites such as iTunes or Spotify.

A fee may apply depending on the materials you wish to download.

Click below to listen to the instrumental version of Seu Aprendiz

Seu Aprendiz Instrumental
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